330% Return on Investment for Enterprise Clients


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The Total Economic Impact™️ of Partnerize




Partnerize commissioned Forrester Consulting to assess the ROI, benefits, and payback period for a brand to switch from a network to Partnerize. The study details the significant investment benefits, efficiency gains, and other unquantified benefits realized by clients using Partnerize.



  • Payback in under three months
  • $8.7 million three-year net benefits
  • $3.2 million in commission payment savings
  • Numerous unqualified benefits, such as more content partners, direct partner relationships, and transparent data and insights


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Download the full study and access the supplemental resources below to learn more and apply the potential financial impacts of switching to Partnerize to your organization. Click on calculator to connect with us and receive your custom ROI analysis based on the results of this study.

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To better understand the benefits, costs and risks associated with an investment in Partnerize, Forrester interviewed four customers with years of experience using the solution. Customers decided to leave their legacy networks behind to accelerate program growth and drive efficiency, gain better visibility into systems and processes, and develop direct relationships with partners to improve performance.


"Partnerize has been a huge enabler for us. We joined because we could move the program in-house and we could save money. I can’t speak highly enough of Partnerize, to be perfectly honest."

- Head of Acquisition, Apparel Ecommerce


"Before Partnerize, we were very focused on the last click. But since Partnerize deals with other nontraditional partners, the goal was to expand and bring in more partners and manage our margins better."

- Director of Partnerships, DTC eCommerce

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