Online apparel is an extremely lucrative category. Experts predict that the worldwide e-commerce segment of fashion and apparel will grow from $408 billion in 2017 to more than $706 billion by 2022. As you might expect, with opportunity comes competition. According to one study, 26 percent of the top 1000 e-commerce sites are dedicated apparel retailers. The same study suggests that while Amazon continues to dominate e-commerce, 75.1 percent of online clothing sales come from retailers that specialize in clothing, accessories or shoes.

With nearly 56% of consumers saying they buy at least some of their apparel online, there is a massive consumer base up for grabs. Affiliate marketing and partnership are increasingly popular channels to drive apparel sales and earn money. The number of approaches to selling apparel through affiliates and partners has expanded -- affiliate link programs, social media, text links, email marketing, affiliate sites, blog posts, influencer media, referral fee programs, content marketing, and more. Learn how to generate sales through all of these approaches.