Economists are looking ahead to strong retail growth in the months ahead, predicting 4.7 percent growth in core sales in 2019. Partner marketing is a key channel retailers should turn to to help spark their own growth. Encompassing working with affiliates, influencers, publishers and other brands to publicize your offers, partner marketing can be a powerful growth engine - if you understand the key drivers. In 2019 retailers should prioritize increasing these programs, getting attribution right, compensating influencers the right way and developing brandto- brand partnerships.

When it comes to e-commerce, the bad news is that most retailers are left to fight for whatever piece of the pie is left after a certain Seattle-based behemoth gobbles up share. But the good news is that many retailers are finding new avenues of success via partner and affiliate marketing.

By partnership and affiliate marketing, I mean programs in which affiliates, influencers, publishers and even other leading brands publicize your offers and in return get a share of the sales they drive. Such partners can get your brand and offers in front of millions. But to get the most value from this channel, you need to take a serious look at how you form and manage these relationships, and make a real commitment to do things right.

Here are four resolutions you should make—and keep—in order to get more from this large and fast-growing channel.