Over the last decade, marketing strategies and tactics have changed rapidly as consumer behaviors have shifted and the media environment has been transformed. Search engine marketing costs have climbed. Social advertising has also become far more expensive. Other tactics have also grown more expensive as means of reaching a target audience. As shoppers have become harder to reach and more skeptical of traditional marketing plan approaches, a growing number of brands have looked to performance partnerships as a means of driving strong growth while simultaneously enhancing brand meaning.

With all of these exciting partnership and affiliate marketing opportunities, what is in fact more exciting are the capabilities around reporting and insights that a partner and affiliate marketing platform can deliver.

This eBook aims to take a deeper dive into the world of partner marketing and partner automation, how it all works, the tools that make it easier, and how you can establish powerful and lasting partnership relationships based on clear marketing strategy objectives, rewards and metrics. For today’s marketer, partnerships and referral agreements have emerged as an extraordinary growth channel And a powerful way to enhance brand equity.

Put simply, partner marketing involves one brand driving traffic and customers for another brand, in exchange for some brand awareness value or compensation.

There are as many ways to partner as there are types of companies and digital marketing publishers to partner with.

Many product companies begin by collaborating with what we call keystone partners – large x content marketing publishers and communities whose primary business is partnership.

Loyalty communities are another popular choice. B2B partnerships are increasingly popular for companies trying to drive sales with small and medium-sized businesses. For such companies, partner marketing can be one of the most valuable marketing channels available

And there are what we call transformational partners – brands that bring something unique to a partner program -- something that can transform the go-to-market strategy and campaigns of your company and the way it connects with potential customers.

Put simply, partner marketing involves one brand driving traffic and customers for another brand, in exchange for some value or compensation.

In most cases, the partner brand promotes your brand to its customer and audience base, helping you grow sales. In exchange for that promotion, the partner receives some value in return. Partner marketing is predominantly driven on a “cost per acquisition” or CPA model, meaning brands only pay a partner when they make a sale.

Partner marketing is a strategy used by leading brands from across the globe and can be applied to almost any vertical or industry.